Friday, 27 June 2014

Where to go from here - Medical or...?

Summer 2014 - After completing my A'levels this year, it is time to decide where to take my career from here on out. My major subjects - Biology, Chemistry and Physics - kind of narrow down my options and leave me with a few choices. Dropping Mathematics in my second year of A'levels is something I regret a lot because it now means that I can't apply for any engineering colleges. (And I quite like Maths!) Anyway, now I'm just working for the MCAT - Medical college admission test in Pakistan. 
To be honest, I hate biology. And I am kind of a blood-phobic. But I still chose to give the test. Why? Well, here's a few positive points about doing medical that helped me, and might help you too if you're stuck at a crossroads like I was.

1. Being a Pakistani, there's not much scope for a variety of careers. The most honourable and respectable occupations are either a doctor or an engineer. 
2. Even though I hope to be a published writer one day, I need a stable future anyway. Anyone can be a writer, and that's what I love most about it. You don't need any special qualifications to be a writer. All you need is a strong voice and colourful ideas.
3. I spent a few days with my sister (who is in her second year of King Edward Medical College) in the college hostel, and I must say, it looked quite fun! It wasn't all stress and burden from the medical studies. In fact, it was quite the opposite. 

There's a lot more that got me travelling this road, but I finally chose it. So if you're stuck at making some important decision, just try to get to pick out the positive points of the options you have and then choose. Never judge with a cynical eye. 

UHS Lahore - the head of all the medical colleges.


  1. Good one! It's encouraging to see that you have a positive outlook on life. May Allah give you success In sha Allah. =D

  2. I personally think it is a common misconception that if you like maths you'll be good at engineering and if you hate blood at 17 and not keen on biology, you'll be terrible in medice. I also think the perception of medicine as one career couldn't be further away from truth.
    MBBS is an opening, and an interesting one as it is a life long journey of learning , experiences good and bad and career wise, simply an entry point to a wide choice of specialities and sub specialities.
    I think kids need to know that there is a set of skills needed to start this journey which include being focused, hard working and sociable. And third level education in medical college is a breeding ground for hobbies. You are likely, however, to be surrounded by the offspring of the more privileged class of the country hence a little out of touch with the common folk till 3rd year when proper clinical education starts.
    I would love to hear from someone who's been travelling in the engineering line for as long. I suspect the simplest way to look at this choice between medicine and engineering is to ask yourself the question: Do I prefer people or machines?
    So which college is it going to be?

  3. Thank you for that insight, bua :D Yes, I know MBBS is just an opening to a long journey ahead. Like I said, in my most recent post, maybe I will learn to love it once I am in it. And truth be told, I'm already excited.
    I liked Maths but if I ask myself that question you said, then I would prefer people over machines. Also, the scope for engineering is quite narrow for women in Pakistan.
    And anyway, I've already given my MCAT so ...MBBS here I come
    My aggregate came out to be 88.5% which lies in the merit of Fatima Jinnah (Yes, your college! :D) But I can't be sure until the merit lists are published in October.