Tuesday, 25 November 2014

New faces.

The FJMC building clock (that never works.)
A week and a few days into Medical school and a lot has happened already. I don't mean that in a zombie apocalypse, the world coming to an end way. What I mean by 'a lot' may seem very little to you.

How should I put it? I'm kind of running low on words. I don't know if it's a writer's block or something else but it's a strange feeling that I can't describe at the moment. Strange because almost two weeks ago, I had absolutely no idea that so many new people, so many new faces would become a part of my life. The people I've known this week came so fast, so unannounced in my life and surprisingly, they became close pretty quickly too.

Before going to college, I always thought I would have some trouble making new friends. I was never a very over enthusiastic, social person. If someone talked to me, I'd reply. If someone started the conversation, I'd carry it on. But I would never make the first move.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

AS Physics Notes (On request)

So some juniors have asked me to post my Physics notes of AS Level. Like I said before, I don't really remember much about AS because it's been two years now so I can't write a full-fledged guide like I did for A-2. But I did manage to find my sister's AS register and here are all the notes.

Again, these lessons were taught by Sir Waseem Hassan who teaches A'level Physics at Beaconhouse Palm Tree Campus. Also, these are my sister, Hnia's notes. Not mine. I just published them. So, in case, anyone tries to sue me, I've made my position clear.

They're all in ZIP folders so just download and extract them, okay?

1. Physical Quantities & Measurement: Download here
2. Kinematics: Download here
3. Dynamics: Download here
4. Force, Energy, Work and Power: Download here
5. Deformation: Download here
6. Electric Fields: Download here
7. Current Electricity: Download here
8. Nuclear Physics: Download here
9. Waves and Superposition: Download here

Hope they help! xx

Saturday, 1 November 2014

From A'levels Pre-Medical to the MCAT; a 'mistakenly' difficult road.

Sounds impossible, right? I mean, MCAT is something only FSC students can handle. They're the ones who can ace it and get into the government medical colleges of Pakistan. Well, guess what? You're wrong. Yes, the MCAT comes mainly from the FSC books, follows the FSC syllabus and is basically made for FSC students, but with proper guidance, A'level students can fare far better than most FSC students. 

Here's a few reasons why:
1. A'levels students have a better grip on the topics than most FSC students because they have better concepts built up.

2. Most of the syllabus is what you've already studied in your A'levels. Just some of it, like in Biology, there are new chapters and new concepts you must learn.
3. MCAT is not ratta. They ask conceptual, brain-using questions and not just text out of the book (except in Biology sometimes) and A'level-style questions, so A'level students know how to attempt them better.

Alright, so I hope some of that morale of yours has risen. Don't listen to those people (especially desi aunties and uncles) who keep saying that A'levels kar k tou government college mein nahin admission ho skta (You can't get admission in a government college by doing A'levels).