Tuesday, 25 November 2014

New faces.

The FJMC building clock (that never works.)
A week and a few days into Medical school and a lot has happened already. I don't mean that in a zombie apocalypse, the world coming to an end way. What I mean by 'a lot' may seem very little to you.

How should I put it? I'm kind of running low on words. I don't know if it's a writer's block or something else but it's a strange feeling that I can't describe at the moment. Strange because almost two weeks ago, I had absolutely no idea that so many new people, so many new faces would become a part of my life. The people I've known this week came so fast, so unannounced in my life and surprisingly, they became close pretty quickly too.

Before going to college, I always thought I would have some trouble making new friends. I was never a very over enthusiastic, social person. If someone talked to me, I'd reply. If someone started the conversation, I'd carry it on. But I would never make the first move.

Or atleast that's who I thought I was. That 'anti-social' side of me that I always thought controlled me, was in fact, non-existant all along. Maybe the fear of a new place forced me to make an excuse just in case I ended up being a loner. Whatever it was, it's over now. I'm not great at small talk, that's a fact I can't deny. But I'm not that bad either.

Obviously in a class of 300 girls, I am never going to make friends with everybody. Heck, most of the class doesn't even know me. They just know me as the 'Hijaab/abaya girl who looks like the girl from Dubai, Sara Iftikhar.' They don't know I'm writing about them on my blog right now either. But it's okay. As much as fame & popularity attracted me, I am glad I made decent, sincere friends that I can trust in only a matter of days. From the Orientation day, my two closest friends, both from my hometown, Gujranwala came into my life - Adnara and Hamayl.

It's funny because both Hamayl and Adnara used to go to the KIPS academy where I gave my MCAT test session. We saw each other, but we didn't even know each other's names. We passed each other in the KIPS hallways everyday, completely unaware that we'd be embarking on a journey of 5 promising years together. Doesn't that seem strange to you?

Our class is divided into six batches, and I was randomly chosen to be in Batch F (F? Seriously?) Anyway, I spend my Demo classes with my Batch that's of about 30 - 40 girls, and my batch is where I made new friends. From the very first Anatomy class, we were asked to make groups of 4 - 5 for a bone bag allotment. My bone bag group is of Day scholars (Students who live in the city, Lahore). Instantly, Alishba (She watches anime. YAY) and Nimra seemed the type of girls that I'd have fun hanging around with. Then there's Saira and Fatima, (who has sadly been upgraded to SIMS now.)

Then there are other girls in my class who I've met but I'm not close to - Safa, Hina, SheharBano, Sidra, Tehreem, Saadia, Natasha etc. It's still week two so I'm in no rush. As long as I can prove to be a sincere & a good friend to the people I am friends with already, that's what matters most. 

On a side note, most girls here are disappointed because they expected university life to be more fun, and I guess FJMC didn't deliver in that aspect. But I think it's just the beginning so we're taking some time to adjust. The studies are tough, no doubt about that. Obviously, it's medical studies anyway. But Insha Allah, it will get better and we'll all start loving this place, as I have started to already.


  1. Hurrah! Sounds like a good beginning :)

  2. Good start, Keep writing & keep posting. Best wishes for you always.