Monday, 5 January 2015

What 2014 taught me.

For me, this year was basically - the final half of my A'levels, a summer spent in MCAT preparation, and the begininng of my first year of MBBS in FJMC. Now, I really narrowed down my whole year into three broad parts but there was a lot more in between that is more or less, not worth mentioning.

This year went by so fast; I feel as if I was in scohool just yesterday wearing my beloved gloves, two pairs of socks with my pink/orange backpack slinging arojund my shoulders. That was one winter ago.

And here I am, in middle of the next winter.

Initially, I believed leaving my school that I had been going to for a good 14 years would be a ch jallenge. I've learned so much, seen so much here that I grew attached to even the building of my school campus. I met people here who helped me grow. Some were the heroes of my stories, others nothing more than villains but still, they were a big part of me and I knew letting them go was a hard, inevitable fact I'd have to face.

I spent most of my final half of A'levels cooped up in my house, studying for my Mock exams and my CIEs. I wanted more than anything to spend my last days of school in the school, surrounded by familiar places and people but I wasn't able to do that for various reasons. (Most of which was my own fault, just so you know).

Anyway, January 2014 was a bit of a downside to the start of my year.