Tuesday, 26 May 2015


**UPDATE**: The MCAT has now been renamed to MDCAT with some important changes in the syllabus. Because I am busy in my medical university, I can't add the new syllabus changes to my posts. Please do go through the revised MDCAT syllabus and use my guides for the unchanged part of the syllabus!

Finally! The blogpost so many of you have been waiting for. I apologize for the delay. The thing is, MBBS had got me really occupied and it was hard to take out time to write this guide. But now I’m almost done with my first year syllabus. Wow. How time flies, right?
Anyway, before I start the guide I’d want you to go through the start up tips on my other blogpost here. Let me make something clear: This guide is focused for A’level students. Not FSC. Because FSC students already know how the MCAT goes. Attempting the entry test after the CIEs – now that is tricky business.

Let’s get down to the straight up, hardcore facts:

         1)   No you haven’t read everything in A’levels. And no, the topics that you have read aren’t exactly the same in FSC. There are a lot more details that weren’t in A’levels. 

      2)  You don’t have a lot of time. I’d suggest starting up the prep from 15th June atleast. Don’t stretch your vacations too much. 

     3)  These 3 months are going to be HARD and tiring. Well, of course they are. Your whole future career depends on them, right? No pressure.

Okay now the first step to starting your preparation: