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**UPDATE**: The MCAT has now been renamed to MDCAT with some important changes in the syllabus. Because I am busy in my medical university, I can't add the new syllabus changes to my posts. Please do go through the revised MDCAT syllabus and use my guides for the unchanged part of the syllabus!

Finally! The blogpost so many of you have been waiting for. I apologize for the delay. The thing is, MBBS had got me really occupied and it was hard to take out time to write this guide. But now I’m almost done with my first year syllabus. Wow. How time flies, right?
Anyway, before I start the guide I’d want you to go through the start up tips on my other blogpost here. Let me make something clear: This guide is focused for A’level students. Not FSC. Because FSC students already know how the MCAT goes. Attempting the entry test after the CIEs – now that is tricky business.

Let’s get down to the straight up, hardcore facts:

         1)   No you haven’t read everything in A’levels. And no, the topics that you have read aren’t exactly the same in FSC. There are a lot more details that weren’t in A’levels. 

      2)  You don’t have a lot of time. I’d suggest starting up the prep from 15th June atleast. Don’t stretch your vacations too much. 

     3)  These 3 months are going to be HARD and tiring. Well, of course they are. Your whole future career depends on them, right? No pressure.

Okay now the first step to starting your preparation:

The 2015 syllabus is a little shorter than last year's syllabus. The English vocabulary has been greatly reduced. 600 words instead of the 800 words last year. The rest of the syllabus is more or less the same. If there is anything extra, do tell me.

Now then, I would prefer if you print the syllabus because you will have to check the syllabus again and again while you study.

Let’s open up the syllabus now, and learn a few basic things about the MCAT. The weightage of each subject is different so does that mean you need to focus less on one subject than the other? Not really. It just means the subject with the less weightage has a shorter syllabus.

As you can see,

Physics has 44 questions.

Chemistry has 58 questions.

English has 30 questions.

Biology has 88 questions.

That makes up a total of 220 questions in the MCAT that you have to solve in 2 hours & 30 minutes. I’ll write another blogpost on how to ATTEMPT the MCAT but for now let’s focus on how to STUDY for it.

Okay so my style of studying as you already know is self study. I do not recommend tuitions for studying the syllabus. It’s a pretty straight forward syllabus and the FSC books and concepts are easy. You don’t need a teacher to teach them to you. You’ll just lose your very valuable time in academies. That’s my opinion anyway. I joined the academy for the last test session month only.

I began my preparation from Physics, and then once it was done, I moved to Chemistry and then finally Biology. English was something I didn’t really need to do, and the things I did need to do in it I did it side by side. I never gave it too much importance because I was already confident in it. We’ll deal with that later.  As you can see, I took one subject at a time. But again, that was just my style of studying. If you’re not comfortable with going with one subject at a time, that’s okay too. Whatever suits you. Just know that you need to be done with it quick. I was done with the whole syllabus once by the last week of July.

Right now I only have the Part I FSC books with me and I won't get the Part II ones by next week atleast. So on this blog post, it's only Part I FSC.

Here is the Part II FSC guide: Click Here

Expected time taken: 7 Days

Since I started with Physics, that’s what I’m going to start with in this guide too. I’m going to write separate blog posts for Part I and Part II FSC because I don’t have the Part 2 books with me at the moment.

Let’s take a look at the Physics syllabus, shall we?

Scroll down to page no. 6 first. there, you can see the number of questions each topic will have. Now this pattern is strictly followed. But that doesn't mean that if a chapter only has 2 questions, you can just overlook it. Every question counts.

Now go back to page no. 2. Right now I'm assuming you have your Physics Part I FSC book with you. For physics, I always read my A levels notes first on thr particular chapter and then moved to FSC. I'm going to deal with each chapter separately now.

Chapter # 1
Questions asked: 02

The entire chapter is included except the subtopic of errors and uncertainties. I'm going to stress here that the the 'Tidbits' and 'Do You Know's and 'For your Information's etc on the sides of the pages are VERY IMPORTANT IN EVERY CHAPTER.

Now it is very unlikely that they will ask you about all of the 'Areas of Physics' as mentioned on page 2. But they can very well ask you the diameter of a nucleus as given on page 3. Cram the figures and values. You don't really have a choice in it. And if it's getting too hard to memorize, then cram the ones you think are important. What i thought were important are:

• 'For you information' on page 3
• Table 1.1 & 1.2 on page 4
• Table 1.4 on page 6 (Very important!!)
• 'For your Information' on page 14

But again, if you can; try and memorize all of the values given in the text and tables.

Practice the example questions along the way because they might ask you exactly them.

Now as for the learning outcomes mentioned...

• Point (a) is covered on pages 1 - 3
• Point (b) is covered on pages 3 -5
• Point (c) is covered on pages 16 - 17

As you can see, pages 6 - 15 aren't included so you don't need to waste your time on them. If you still don't feel satisfied with leaving so many pages you can always just read them but you really won't be asked anything out of the syllabus.

Chapter # 2 & # 5
Questions: 02

Thank God, Forces is a very small and easy chapter in the MCAT syllabus contrary to the A'levels one that I personally found as a headache. A lot of topics are skipped in the syllabus. And many chapters are excluded as well so you don't need to do the entire book. Chapter 3, 4 and most of 2 and 5 aren't included. If you're giving the NUST test, then the whole book will be included but not for MCAT since the main focus is on Biology and not Physics.

Okay, so:
• Point (a) is covered on pages 116 - 118
• Point (b) isn't really in the book. You should just know what the centre of gravity is which you have already studied a billion times before. Nothing more is required.
• Point (c) is covered on pages 36 - 39

Shortest topic and really easy. You should have no problem in it!

Chapter # 6
Questions: 03

Now this is an entirely different and new chapter that you have never before studied in your life. You might take some time learning and understanding it but once you do, it is a pretty easy and straightforward chapter. Again, you need to learn the tidbits on the sides of the pages as with every chapter. I can not stress this enough.

This chapter has a few confusing formulae but you'll get the hang of them eventually. Understand how they are derived. Read every line carefully. Now eventhough some topics like 'Torricelli's Theorem' aren't mentioned in the syllabus, I still did the whole chapter to stay on the side and you should too.

Small pieces of information such as '1 torr=133.3Nm-2' as given on page 137 are the examiner's pet questions. The UHS examiners pick out the smallest of figures and information and make an MCQ out of it so keep your eyes peeled and watch out for every word. Try not to overlook anything.

• Point (a) is covered on page 128
• Point (b) is covered on page 130
• Point (c) is covered on page 131
• Point (d) is covered on page 132 - 134
• Point (e) is covered on page 135, 137 - 138.

Chapter # 9 & # 10
Questions: 04

This chapter is more or less the same as the one we studied in AS Level. It does have a few more details that are new to you as well as a few more formulae. Note that the variables used in the FSC books aren't always the same as those in A'level books. For example, one of the formulas we have studied for 'fringe distance' in A'levels was 'x=lambda(D)/a'
But in FSC, it is 'y=lambda(L)/d'. You have to learn and adapt to the FSC formulae now. Because the MCAT is purely FSC.

• Point (a) is covered on pages 195 - 202 (Definition of interference is on page no. 178. Details is Michelson's inferometer are not required. Just learn the basics!)
• Point (b) is covered on on page 203 - 206
• Point (c) is covered in pages 206 - 207
• Point (d) is covered on pages 209 - 220
• Point (e) is not in the FSC book. If you have the KIPS KETs book, cover it from there. If you don't, Google it or consult another book. Basically all you should know us what happens in both long & short sightedness and how they are corrected.
• Point (f) is covered on pages 214 - 216
• Point (g) is covered on pages 217 - 219
• Point (h) is covered on pages 226 - 232.

The Telescope and Spectrometer are NOT included. For this chapter, I would recommend revising the O'LEVEL chapter of 'Light', and the method of calculating focal length etc. Questions from this topic are not so straight forward so get your concepts strong.

Chapter # 7 & # 8
Questions: 04

A LOT has been excluded from this chapter in the MCAT syllabus. Doppler effect is a relatively new concept as is the speed of Sound. Both these topics are VERY important.

• Point (a) is covered on pages 142 - 151. You don't need to study the graphs or go into too much details. Just learn the basics and definitions and the formulae.
• Point (b) is covered on pages 152 - 153. Personally, I never had a good concept of this particular subtopic. So if you're confused too then ask a Physics teacher.
• Point (c) is covered on pages 154 - 155
• Point (d) is covered on the pages 155 - 157
• Point (e) is covered on pages 184 - 188
• Point (f) isn't exactly in the book so refer to the KIPS book.
• Point (f) is on pages 167 - 171. This is VERY important subtopic. Make sure you have a solid grip on it. Do not forget to cram the values and figures.
• Point (h) is covered on page 169 (under the box 'for your information')

(This chapter is in Part II FSC & will be dealt with in the next blog post.)

Chapter # 11
Questions: 02

This topic and the next, 'Heat and Thermodynamics' are basically both inter-related and in chapter no.11. But I'll deal with both of them separately.

• Point (a), (b), (c) & (d) are all from pages 237 - 243. The formulae are very important and the relation of one variable to another. For example in the formula 'P=2/3N/V<1/2mv^2>', you should know that 'P' is directly proportional to 2N and inversely to 3V. Manipulating these formulas and understanding one quantity's relation to another is very important, so your maths should be strong.

Chapter # 11
Questions: 03

This chapter. Oh dear. Yeah, it will mess with your head a lot. When you first read it, your expressions will be... what even. That's because a lot of the concepts that you have learned in your A-2 chapter of Thermodynamics suddenly get messed up and confusing. So I'll warn you beforehand how this chapter is different from the one we studied back in A'levels. In A'levels, we clearly studied that 'Work done by the gas on a system is taken as negative, whereas work done on the gas by the system is taken as positive." However in FSC, on page number 245, it's written the exact opposite.

Since the concept has been totally reversed, the formulas for the law of thermodynamics are also reversed. I think you'll get to know what I mean when you study the chapter yourself. This chapter will confuse you at first but do it over and over and you will get the hang of it. Cram the values, tidbits and For Your Inforrmation-s. Can't repeat that enough.

• Point (a) is not clearly mentioned in the book, so refer to the KIPS books. It's not very important though.
• Point (b) & (c) are again not in the book. Refer to the KIPS book or read it from your O'levels chapter of 'Temperature'
• Point (d) is covered on page 245 - 248, 252, 254. Heat Engine, Molar Specific Heat are NOT required. But the Thermodynamics scale on page no. 256 is important.
• Point (e) is covered on pages 244 - 245. The graph (figure 11.2) is important too.

The syllabus for Physics PART I ends here. Easy & short, right? Shouldn't take you more than a week to complete it!

Expected time taken: 10 Days

Go to page # 22 first. As you can see, there are three major areas of Chemistry that you have to cover. In Part I, only Physical Chemistry is covered. So let's get right into it.

Chapter # 1
Questions: 02

Simple basic topic with a lot of figures and values you have to learn. I will point out here that throughout the MCAT course , you do not need to learn the names of scientists and the year they were born or died.This is science. Not history.

• Point (a) is on page 3 - 4, 10. Your should learn the number of isotopes in the table on page 4, but you need not learn the masses.
• Point (b) is covered on page 11 - 13
• Point (c) is covered on page 4 - 6.
• Point (d), just READ pages 6 -10. Although you already know how to calculate them since O'levels.
• Point (e), again just practice questions you have already done in your O, A 'levels regarding stoichometry.

Chapter # 3 & # 4
Questions: 02

This is a long chapter, with a lot of text in it that you have to learn. It's easy but it's long. I'd suggest reading the entire chapter, even though it's not all included.

• Point (a) (i) are covered on pages 60 - 67
                 (ii) is covered on page 67 - 69
                (iii) is on pages 62 -63
                (iv) is on page 68
• Point (b) is covered in the next chapter on pages 84 - 92.
• Point (c) is on pages 101 - 108. An no, the classification of crystals (Cubic, Tetragonal etc) are NOT included.
• Point (d) is covered on pages 84 - 87
• Point (e) is simply the application of the knowledge you have already gained from the above points.

Chapter # 5 & # 6
Questions: 02

Again, a very straight forward and basic chapter. Many things in the chapter aren't included in the MCAT syllabus.

•Point (a) & (b) are covered on pages 118 - 122
• Point (c), (d) & (e) are topics you already have strong concepts of before.
• Point (f) & (g) ... mow this is a relatively new and detailed concept. It is VERY importatn so pay good attention to it. These points are covered on pages 141 -147
• Point (h) is again the application of the previous knowledge.
• Point (i) is covered in Chapter # 6 on pages 159 - 160

Chapter # 6
Questions: 02

This was by far my most hated chapter in chemistry. It is long and tiresome, and has only TWO freaking questions. But you still have to do everything in it.

• Point (a) is covered on pages 162 - 163
• Point (b) is something you already know from O'levels. From the book, refer to pages 164 - 166
• Point (c) is extremely crucial (especially the table 6.4 on page 168), and is covered on pages 167 - 170
• Point (d) & (e) isn't exactly in the chapter so you will have to read through pages from 170 -177. Even though hybridization is not in the syllabus, you should still know what it is and the basics since it has been asked before.
• Point (e), for Ethene refer to page 177. For Benzene and ethane, ask a teacher or Google because I honestly forgot where I did it from.
• Point (f) is again on hydrogen bonding, already covered in the last chapter.
• Point (g) is on pages 183 - 186
• Point (h) is not in the chapter but regarding dipoles, dipole moment is NOT in the syllabus. However, they still ask basic questions on it so read it and LEARN the bond angles given on page 188, and which molecules have dipole moment and which don't.
• Point (i) & (j) are again a repetition from the last chapter.
• Point (k) is the application of your knowledge.

The pages left out aren't included but if you have time give them a read. I also learned the text from pages 189 -190, just to stay on the safe side.

Chapter # 7
Questions: 02

I always hated this chapter in A'levels, but isn't so bad in FSC. We have studied a lot more details in A'levels than we have here.

• Point (a) is covered on pages 195 - 198
• Point (b) is covered on pages 200 -205
• Point (c) isn't in the chapter exactly but you know how to apply H=mcT from your A'levels.
• Point (d) has already been covered in the previous chapters.
• Point (e) is on pages 206 - 208. Even though Hess' s law and Born-Habers was very detailed and conceptual in A'levels, it isn't so in FSC. But I would still recommend, going through Hess's law from Jim Clark's notes on www.chemguide.co.uk

Chapter # 9
Questions: 02

This is an entirely new chapter that we haven't studied at all in A'levels. But it is basically only definitions and formulas that you must absolutely learn and apply in questions. Practice the example questions along the way to get the hang of it.

• Point (a) is covered on pages 251 - 256
• Point (b) is covered on pages 267 - 275

Nothing else is important in this chapter but if you want to, you can always read through the whole chapter but don't waste your time learning everything.

Chapter # 10
Questions: 02

For this topic, first revise the A-2 Jim Clark's notes that available on his website. Once you have revised, move to FSC. I'm not going to write the individual pages because the WHOLE chapter is included. The only thing that isn't included is  'Modern Batteries' from page 300 -302. Fuel cells are included though.

Chapter # 8
Questions: 02

Revise Jim Clark's notes first.

• Point (a) is covered on page 214 -215. I also read and learned the 'Law of Mass Action' on on page 216 just because I thought it was important. It is also on page 222 - 226. But the details of Quantitative effects are not required.
• Point (b) is something you have already done in O'levels.
• Point (c) is a small paragraph on page 226.
• Point (d) is covered from page 217 - 221. Try and cram the Kc expressions for NH3, N2O4 & PCl5.
• Point (e) & (f) are the application of point (d) in mathematics problems.
• Point (g) is on page 227
• Point (i) is not directly in the book. You have studied it already in your A'levels.
• Point (j) & (k) is on page 228 - 232
• Point (l) & (m) on page page 237 - 242
• Point (n) & (o) is on page 242 - 245
• Point (p) is on page 236 - 237

Chapter # 11
Questions: 02

This was my favourite topic in A'levels too. First revise the A'levels Reactions Kinetic from www.chemguide.co.uk. Now open up the FSC Part I book. Again, like Electrochemistry, the entire chapter is your goal. The things that are NOT included are topic 11.4 & 11.5 on page 318 - 322.

Even though it isn't mentioned in the syllabus, 11.5.6 i.e. Arrhenius Equation is included so learn the equation and the concept behind it as well as the graph on page 323, as it is extremely important. Page 325 (Types of Catalysis) - 327 isn't included. Enzyme catalysis is, however, included.

That's all for part I chemistry. It's longer than Physics so it should take you above a week & a half i.e. around 10 days.

Expected time taken: 13 Days

For biology, unlike Physics and Chemistry, the entire chapters are included. The book covers the whole syllabus so you don't really need to refer to another book or your A'levels unless you want to revise your previous knowledge. So instead of writing the pages for the individual learning outcomes, I will tell you what isn't included. Remember, Biology is the most major subject and carries the most number of MCQs so it should be your prime focus. Biology MCQs are really quick and easy to solve one you have learned the topics well.

Chapter # 1
Questions: 04

The whole chapter is included from the first letter to the last.

Chapter # 4 
Questions: 10

The whole chapter is included except lysosome, perioxisomes, glycoxysome on pages 56 - 57. I still read them just in case though. Plastids on page 60 - 61 are also not included. For cell meiosis and mitosis, you have to to do the WHOLE of chapter 21 from BIOLOGY PART II. I hated that chapter.

Chapter # 2 & # 3
Questions: 09

The whole of chapter 2 and 3 are included. Nothing must be left out.

Chapter # 5, #6, #7
Questions: 04

Now this is a looonngg chapter and has only 4 questions but like I said every question counts so you have to do everything, down to the t. In these chapters alot of things have been excluded from the syllabus.

For Viruses, learn from pages 72 - 80. Hepatitis isn't in the syllabus but no harm in reading about it.

For Bacteria, refer to pages 84 - 91. Leave out the importance of bacteria. Then learn the text from page 94, under the heading of 'use and misuse of bacteria'. Nothing else is included.

For Fungi, move to chapter 8 and study from pages 113 - 120. And the then the Importance of Fungi on pages 125 - 128. 

Chapter # 9 & # 10
Questions: 05

... The most horrible chapter in the entire MCAT syllabus. You have been warned. It was a NIGHTMARE. I actually cried in frustration trying to learn it. There are hard pronouncing words and terms in it that you have to learn and you have no choice. So even if it takes you a while, you HAVE to learn them. There is no way out.

But the good news is, not the whole of the chapters are included!

Kingdom Plantae - pages 155 - 163. Leave out  the 'Familiar plants' and 'Vegetative & Floral characteristics'. Fabaceae on page 158 & Mimosaceae on page 160 is not included. Now here's the shocking news: in the 2015 syllabus, they haven't mentioned individual subtopics for Kingdom Plantae. I'm guessing that wasa misprint but you can't take chances. You'll have to do the whole chapter unfortunately. And it's a pretty pointless chapter.

For Kingdom Anamalia, refer to pages 167 - 180, 183 - 184, 186 - 187.

Chapter # 12, #13, #14
Questions: 13

The chapters in Human Physiology in Part I  are only (a) Digestive system (b) Gaseous Exchange and Transport (h) Immunity. The rest are in the next book that will be discussed later.

For (a) learn everything from pages 245 - 256.
For (b) learn from pages 267 - 275, 306 - 315
For (h) learn from pages 323 - 327

Chapter # 11
Questions: 05

I recommend revising the A'levels chapters of Respiration and Photosynthesis first. The entire chapter is included. Pay close attention to the cycles and schemes give because the examiners like to pick out information out of then and make an MCQ.

The part I syllabus ends here. It might seem long but Biology is VERY easy. And it is a major subject. So if you have learned you Bio well, that's a guaranteed 88 MCQs correct for you.

Expected time taken: 3 Months

Yup, you read it right. 3 months. That is because you have to study a bit of English EVERYDAY for 3 months to actually be able to solve the MCQs.

Now I never studied for the English grammar separately Alhamdulillah because I knew the grammar pretty well. So I didn't need to learn all the rules and practice questions. But if your English is a little rusty, read the rules and practice questions. You can get a lot of MCAT English books from the market to help you.

As for the vocabulary... Now that is something I did everyday. First of all, buy a book for the MCAT vocabulary. If you can get your hands on the KIPs English vocab book, that will be perfect. But KIPS does not sell their book in the market. Only students in the academies can get it. But if you do get it somehow, that is the best vocabulary book there is.

I didn't have the KIPS book so I used MCAT by Dogar Books for the vocabulary.

Now there are some 600 words you have to learn with their meanings and synonyms. The best plan of action is to learn 10 words per day. So if you keep up with this schedule, your English vocabulary should be done in around 2 and a half months.

Part I chapters and English have been discussed now. It isn't so hard, is it? It is actually much easier than the CIEs. Take my word on that. It's just the pressure that makes it hard. Part II will be discussed in the next post whenever I get the books and have time. I have 3 major tests coming up! Anyway, good luck and happy studying! Give it your all.


  1. this completely turned my situation upside down! really informative and helping! how do u know about her muslim?

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    1. No. Test month ka admission around the end of July hi hoga. Not right now. So go to KIPs around that time and get yourself registered then

  4. This is so great! I was so depressed and stressed about mcat, thank you sooo much!! Can you please add links to the other blogs?

    1. You're welcome :)
      And I still have to write the next part. When I do, then I will add the link to it.

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    1. I'm glad it helped. :) and no FSC students can use it ofcourse but I meant that it is targeted for the A'level students.

  6. Is it a good idea to make notes? I mean, it takes alot of time and one can read the entire chapter two times...one more thing, chapter read karne ke baad uss seh related questions kahaan seh milein gay? There are guides available in the market like ilmi objective guide. So do we have to use them? ? I have KETS books...in the end of each chapter, their are some questions...should we solve them after completing each chapter? Aisa nai ho sakta ke pehlay saari books parh lein aur baad main saaray questions attempt karein kips main jaa kar last month?

    1. I never made notes. I mean everything is in the book. I wouldn't recommend wasting time on making notes. But if you feel comfortable revising from notes instead of the text book then make them. Just make sure you don't overlook anything.
      For practicing questions, YES. You must ABSOLUTELY practice questions on your own. Direct test session mein questions pehli baar karna is not a smart move. Solve example questions and review questions of every chapter. When you're done with a particular chapter, use the KIPS KETS book and solve the question of the relevant topic. There are other books available in the market that have practice questions for MCAT. I will give you the names once I go back to my home city, because all my books are back home.
      There are a lot of books for MCAT MCQs. But the best ones were of the KETS book and this other book jis ka mein naam bhool gained hun Ab.
      But practice questions on your own jahan take hosakay. Then test session mein jaana and then wahan practice pakki hojae gi.
      Remember when you give your first few tests at the test session, you might not get a good score and you might be depressed. But as you go along the way you'll get the hang of it and you'll know questions ka style. By the end, you'll start getting 1000+ marks if your tyaari is good enough!

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    1. I did. Didn't you read my 'English' part in the blog?
      The KIPS vocab book is the best. But if you can't get that then there are loads of other books. I will tell you the exact name by the next week. I don't have my MCAT books with me right now

  9. Is this really necessary to learn the derivation of formulas in the physics section? Simply craming those formulas wont be a good idea , right? In the mcat questions, we will be applying the gormulas directly. .

    1. Like I said. Physics and Chemistry aren't totally ratta in the MCAT like Biology is. You need to have your concepts strong. So learning how you derived a particular formula is a smart move. You might not be able to solve the questions by simply cramming the formulas. The questions aren't so straightforward

  10. Nice blog..i want to ask that in the new syllabus of uhs, they have mentioned Animal and plant kingdom in the "content". But they have not mentioned anything related to plant kingdon in the "learning outcomes" ....what should we do? Should we have to prepare the whole plant kingdom :O ?

    1. Oh yes I just saw that. I don't know if that was a misprint but you can't stay on chances. I guess you'll have to do the whole chapter to stay on the safe side. That's very weird though.
      It's going to be a long, annoying chapter.

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    Waiting for your reply!!!!!!!!

    1. Well. I really don't want to rain on your parade but i personally don't think the KETS books are enough. Why don't you get the FSC books ordered online? If you do, and if your concepts are strong and if you have gone through the KETS books once, you can cover it up in one month. But you really should buy the FSC books. Small details are left out in the KETS book that are only in the FSC ones.

  14. Hi. I am a fellow A level student too. Thanks a lot for this blog. Was very very helpful. I also wanted to ask you that in some of the old MCAT papers, the names of scientists and sometimes the years were also asked. Do you think that i should do them? Plus a slightly unrelated question; there other A level students with in you medical college?
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    1. They don't ask about the scientists or the years anymore. The MCAT is more conceptual now. But you can always memorize the names. The years... noway. Waste of time.
      And yes. There are one or two more A'level students but don't be alarmed by the number. People just don't know how to attempt the MCAT. And also, the ratio of FSC students to Alevels appearing for the MCAT is very high too.

  15. Hi just wanted to know how are you so sure they won't be asking anything out of the syllabus ?? Because currently i have joined the kips test session and they have still included so many things that are not part of the syllabus.. This is getting so hectic deciding wether to stick with the syllabus or go through the entire fsc books word by word.. Please help :(

    1. I'm sure because I've given the MCAT and I've done the MCAT past papers. They don't ask out of syllabus. Last year, one or two questions were out of syllabus but the students raised their voices against it so I'm sure the UHS Examiners will be even more careful this time.
      As for the KIPs test... yes they do sometimes add out of syllabus questions in their tests but the KIPS academy i went in, over there the teachers used to tell us that 'this question is out of syllabus' etc.
      Stick to the syllabus. If you're an A'levels student, you don't have time to explore everything. Solve the KIPs tests. Yes when i gave my first few tests there, i panicked too. So many questions and concepts seemed foreign and i got so many MCQs wrong but learn from those tests. Pay attention to what the teachers dicuss at the comprehensive discussion session. Eventually you'll start scoring over 980. In the start, i couldn't even score more than 900. So yeah, STICK TO THE SYLLABUS and learn whatever extra info you get from the tests.
      And don't panic. Trust me, MCAT is easier than the CIEs. You just need a lot of learning.

  16. How much did you score in the MCAT?

    1. I got enough to get into Fatima Jinnah Medical College Alhamdulillah. :)

  17. This was extremely helpful. Thank you!
    In electrochemistry, do we have to learn the entire electrochemical series together with the E0 values?

    1. No you don't. Just learn the basic, common ones even though they won't be asked either.

  18. could you describe the whole procedure AFTER you got your MCAT result and how much time it takes to decide where to apply? do we have to give the application to certain universities beforehand? JazakAllah

    1. You get the official result in around a week or two. Then you wait for the FSC results to come out. Meanwhile, you get your equivalence made.
      Then around the mid of September almost they start taking applications. If you have a 60% above score, youre eligible to apply. You go to UHS in Lahore and fill out the forms and documents where you write your preferred list of colleges. So basically you have less than a month to decide where you want to go after the MCAT.
      After youve given the list and filled the forms, you wait for the final university lists to come out in the end of October where you finally know which college you got into.
      Then in the next two weeks, you get the acceptance letter mailed to you and by the mid of November, you get admission in your new college and your first day begins from there.

  19. Aoa, Alya thank you so much. You have no idea how helpful these blogposts are, I am also an alevel student and doing mcat without any academy. But while I was really nervous and insecure, I read about you and your confidence is so uplifting.
    You know everybdy keeps on saying that mcat is impossibe with no tuitions particularly after alevel.

    Anyway, I was hoping if you could also write about common mistakes one should avoid to get 1000+.
    And, sorry if I am being invasive but your sister with straight A*s, did she also choose medicine? If so, then was it by following the same rule of sticking to the syllabus or she did extra stuff too?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. I'm glad they're helpful :D
      and good thinking not pursuing an academy at this level. Just study yourself and then join the last test session in the last month.

      My sister did what i did for the MCAT and i actually followed what she did. She didn't even join the last test session though which i did but i would recommend that for good past paper practice. Also, she gave the NUST exam so she did Maths and Physics on the whole too but for the MCAT, you should stick to the syllabus only. You can't do entire chapters anyway.
      And yes, she did pursue medicine and she had 1000+ marks, and she is in King Edwars Medical University now. So yeah, its not impossible.

      I didn't get 1000+ marks myself but the common mistake most people make which costs them alot of marks is that students try to solve every single question even the ones they are unsure of. They tend to forget that the MCAT has a negative marking system and one wrong answer can lower your marks alot more than a blank answer. I've seen really good students messing up their final score because they solve every single MCQ. You cant know every single one and you shouldnt take chances and make guesses. If you're unsure of an MCQ, LEAVE IT.
      Thats the biggest and most common mistake students make that costs them alot of marks, and nobidy in the the academies tells you this so students dont bother about the negative marking. This one mistake if you dont make, can make a huge difference. Never never make a tukka unless youre 90% unsure.

      Other than that, just study and learn hard. There isnt any other technicalities tbh. Just learn teh FSC books really well and youre good to go.

  20. Hey. Can you please tell me in what total time should i complete my entire mcat syllabus? Also i'm give nums too so i meed to carry them both together. Till which date should i be done with my mcat syllabus so i start the past papers?

    1. You should be done by the mid of July at the very least since youre giving Nums too.

    2. You should be done by the mid of July at the very least since youre giving Nums too.

  21. Hey!Can you tell me the weightage of olevels results in final aggregate? I've heard somewhere that your olevels grades matter more than your alevels. Is that true?

    1. Yes the Olevels result does matter more. For the exact method of weightatge, check the official website. I really dont remember now because it's been 2 years for me now

  22. Hey. Thankyou so much for this blog, its a huge help! I wanted to ask
    for biology, you've stated that they've mentioned kingdom plantae so we'll have to do the whole chapter
    but I can't find where they wrote kingdom plantae in the 2015 syllabus? Maybe I'm sleep deprived :p but the 2015 syllabus seems exactly the aame as 2016, amd I can't find kingdom plantae mentioned anywhere on either one (not just the subtopics, even the name). Can you please check the 2016 syllabus and confirm for me? It'd be a huge help, since I'm an alevel student and am already short on time :(

    1. Yes i just checked your syllabus. Kingdom Plantae isn't included anymore. It was in our syllabus but they took it out now i guess. Good for you. It was a pointless chapter anyway haha

  23. so how did your sister practice past papers/time management. I have already taken the nust test and i am appearing for uet and fast test on 17th and then iA mcat so i feel like my condition is pretty much analogous to your sister's. Is it possible if i can get her email address or could contact her through you?
    I mean selfteaching maths after a levels is the hardest thing ever

    1. You just have to manage your time. Thats the only thing. And you can self teach maths. Use the internet if you cant ynderstadn the books.

  24. Hey how long was the kips test session you attended?

  25. Heyyy
    I joined kips but the lectures didnt seem helpful plus I preferred studying at home by myself instead of spending 5 hours at kips
    I was a bit too lazy while preparing for this that by now i have only done half of each; bio, phy, chem's syllabus.. I read from the fsc books, make notes, then solve mcqs in KIPS test books and pastpapers for each chapter
    Now that it is mid of july, i have started to panic and I guess i need some advice on whether to continue studying this way or should i choose some other way of studying? ��

    Thanks :)

    1. I think you should continue what you find more comfortable and that is self studying but this time instead of being lazy or slacking off, try and complete the rest of the syllabus by the start of August. It's not an impossible task. You just need to put in dedication and hardwork but dont just give up. Study and complete your syllabus at home and then in the remaining days, join the kips test session to practice the paper.
      And DONT PANIC. Panicking isn't going to take you anywhere. You still have time to catch up so think with a clear easy mind and start studying

  26. AOA, I wanted to ask whether we have to do the whole phyla in Kingdom Anamalia or just the topics mentioned in the brackets in syllabus e.g. in coelenterata, only coral reefs are mentioned in syllabus.

    1. You're saying that I memorized those weird words for nothing, I only had to do coral reefs. :(
      Another thing, I got the UHS form today, what do we(Alevel students) have to write in the result section. It asks for FSc or equivlant. What did you write there?
      And thankyou for everything, you are the most helpful person right now for all of us. :D

    2. I don't remember the details of the form. My father took care of that. But obviously youre going to write down for equivalent, not FSC and submit a hope certificate. But to be on the safe side, ask the authority.
      And youre welcome 😄

  27. Hey
    in chem, I.e liquids and solids chapter
    do we need to cram all the values they give? Like the boiling points and vapour pressures in the tables. Cause there are so many :( also I wanted to ask iss saal uhs ne hope certificate ka kuch mention nai kia. So what do we do? What did you do during your time? Cause prospectus mei it says just give the admissiom form in the bank. Dont we need any documents I.e equivalence?

    1. No you don't need to cram figures unless they are really basic. Then you should.know them by your general knowledge but nothing too complicated.

      As for the hope certificate, i really dont know how the system is this year. You should ask someone from the authority. I did submit my hope certificate since i couldnt submit the equivalence obviously because the Alevels result comes out in the mid of August.

  28. are pdfs available for mcat prep books?

    1. I doubt it. You can check Library genesis though

  29. Aoa,, i have got straight a stars in o level,, while taking into consideration the fact that mcat worth 50./. Of the final aggregate is going to be completely from fsc books, what u suggest me to do now, fsc or alevel,,, reply soon mam.

    1. I would personally suggest Alevels because you hae perfect gradess and if you get the same in Alevels, you can get a very good equivalence. If you think you can handle the ratta and the extra subjects like Eng, Urdu, Isl, Paksts in FSC then you can do that but a lot of Olevels students fail to adjust in that system.

      Yes the MCAT has a 50% weightage. Yes, it's entirely from FSC books but there is a fixed syllabus for it. The whole books arent included. And that syllabus is something you can do easily in 3 months after Alevels if you give it time and dedication so MCAT isnt a problem for Alevels students really. They just dont know how to study for it and how to attempt it.

      So yeah, i would go for Alevels if i were you.

  30. Hey. How many times did you go over the syllabus? Im almost done the second time, and before the exams im guessing ill go over those topics jis ke ziada qs hain (im an alevel srudent). Oh and do pps ofc. But I keep forgetting minor details :( also, any advice on how to attemp the actual mcat? I.e which sub to do first? And also, should we mark the answers along as we go? Im a little worried that we use a pen and not a pencil...

    1. Hi.

      I did my syllabus two times too and did the past papers along the way and in the end did almost the entire syllabus again in 2-3 days one final time + the original MCAT past papers. I managed to do the syllabus again in the last 2-3 days becasue it was pretty much on the tips of my fingers then, the books i mean. So i'm sure anyone who has done the syllabus twice can do that too. And forgetting that minor detail just means you might have not rattafied that minor detail properly so i'd advise you to do all the minor details again until you know them by heart.

      As for attempting the paper, remember to manage your timebecause alot of people fail to do that. So start with the subject you find average hard, then the hardest one, then the easiest one for a little break for your mind, and then the easy one. That was how i did it. It varies with everyone so it's not a rule. I always did Physics first, then Chemistry, then English and then Biology. IF iwas confused at some question, i would just skip it and move on and leave it for later. Do what you know a 100% first. Then go back and do the ones you were confused about. Biology is usually the easiest to attempt for most people since its all from the book. Either you know it or you don't. And most people attempt biology first but i never did that. Again, it was just my preference. You do what you're comfortable with.

      Also, if youre really unsure about a question, LEAVE IT. DO NOT ATTEMPT IT. You dont have to attemot every question because you wont know every answer. I left almost about 20 questions. And really, negative marking can drop your score so horribly. So NEVER EVER attempt a question you arent atleast an 85% sure about. Yes, it's very tempting to solve every question and do the tukka method, but i am telling you, if you use the tukka method, chances are you'll ruin your entire career.

      As for marking the answers, always mark along the way with a pen. Dont use the pencil on your answer sheet. That will just waste your time and you won't be able to attempt the whole paper. So just keep an open mind when you mark the answers because there is no going back. And only mark them when youre a 100% sure youre ready to answer, otherwise leave it for later and be careful if the numbering. Dont mess up the MCQ numbering.

      Just keep calm and remain in your senses eventhough i know it's very hard to but thats the only way you can attempt your questions well. It's so sad to see some intelligent students messing up their MCAT even though they know the answers but just because they took the stress. So just breathe and relax and you'll do fine. :)

    2. Thankyou for the reply. And yess I'll probably go over them quickly a third time too inshaAllah. Also how many uhs pastpapers did you do?

    3. I had past papers from 2009-2013 so thats how much i did

  31. Hey
    Ma'am i just wanted to ask that do we alevels students get our marks deducted by pakistani system?i had been listening alot of 10% deduction

    1. No there's no such thing as a 10% deduction

  32. Hey
    So recently i got really bad grades in A level which now gives me an Fsc equivalent of 915/1100. I am now taking a gap year as my prep is no way close to good for MCAT. Good thing is i was ready for this as i skipped 1 year during O level. I will join kips from October and have started doing Fsc books already. According to my calculations i need 975+ to get into Rawalpindi medical college. This is my aim. Should i go beyond the syllabus to score 1000+ in MCAT? or should i stick to the syllabus doing more practice? What is your advise to score the best possible marks in MCAT?
    Your guide is amazing! Thanks :)

    1. Hi.
      That is good planning, i'll give you that. But no, don't go beyond the syllabus and do things that wont even come. That's just wasting your time. Stick ti the syllabus and master every and any kind of question they might ask regarding the syllabus.

      But what i would honestly advise is, why don't you retake your Alevel exam to make your grade better and overall equivalebce better? A lot of people do that. And that will help you in getting where you want to go withouta huge score in MCAT, so you won't have to be dependant on it so much.
      Just repeat the subject next year jis mein you didn't get a good grade and do the MCAT preparation saath saath.
      That's what i would have done anyway.

    2. mmmm So my A'level grades were BCC after 6A*s and 2As in O'level. I know i messed up. So what i think now is that if i am able to score around ABB after retakes i get equivalence equaling 945. This would require me to score 956+ in MCAT instead of 975+ according to my current situation. This is around lets say a 5 MCQs difference. Isn't it better to give that Huge amount of time that doing A'level again would take to MCAT and cover more than just the 5 MCQs gap? I am so confused.

    3. I am in the same situation. I have an equivalance of 910/1100. Messed up in the first year of my olevel, got A*'s in my Alevel but of no use really. I found the MCAT syllabus quite easy though but did not study properly so my preperation is not really good. I've heard that IBCC does not consider your olevel result if you do not give it in same year or two consecutive years, not sure though, so can not even improve my equivalance therefore my backup is private medical college and before that i'll try for AMC or WAH medical college because risking a whole year for 1000+ marks is not worth it.
      If you'll be taking a gap year, look for scholarships abroad, a friend of mine got admission in Hungary on a fully funded scholarship. The admissions open in around april. And by abroad, I do not mean USA or UK but countries like Humgary( as a backup plan). Hungary is in Europe so its not a bad choice.

    4. No. It's not better. I would still recommend on retaking the exams. And you won't have to put so much effort in them because you've already done it once ven if your grades weren't that great. Honestly, you don't need a whole year to do the MCAT. Everyone does it in three months and thats actually a lot of time to do it. So you can do both MCAT and retake the Alevels together in this gap year instead of solely relying on the MCAT and doing it for the whole year which i think is just foolish. If youre hardworking and dedicated and if you focus, you can easily do the MCAT in a few months, then focus on the Alevel retakes and then revise the MCAT again. So please think it through!

    5. You are right. The only thing that confuses me right now is that the advantage i get from retaking Alevel will be of around 4-5 MCQs in MCAT. Is it worth giving 85k rupees (We not in our best times financially :P ) for retakes and then spending at least around 4-5 months for them. In these 4-5 months don't you think i can get extra enough knowledge to cover up the 4-5 mcqs gap..?
      I will be serious for MCAT. I plan to finish perfectly, the course books by december.. after which i will practice 1000s of mcqs & revise the syllabus again and again and cover every single tiny detail. Inshallah the best will happen. :) Thanks again. You've helped a lot and i will keep your option in my mind too.

    6. Ohh well, if the retakes are a difficult option then just go with the other plan. Focus on the MCAT. You have a whole year and you can do it really well and score over 1000 easily if you try. I know a lot of people who had 900's mein eqivalence and theyre in medical colleges. So just keep going and work hard for the MCAT.
      Good luck! :)

    7. So i did take retakes and followed your advice.. Now that i am done with the retakes which Allahmdullilah went really well, I am back to MDCAT. I did study a bit of fsc before but it seems that i lost all the memorized things when i went back to doing A level retakes.
      Started on 15th of June, with MDCAT exam taking place on 27th of august, i have around 70 days, 30 of which i must give to practice and the test series. 40 days, i have for the syllabus. Any tips you have apart from this extremely good guide? How many hours a day do you think, one should study to memorize these books? How do i possibly finish this entire syllabus in 40 days!? and later, should i join kips test series? if so, are there mcqs in the test series, that end up coming in the actual exam?

    8. Hey! Glad to see you've been patient and made a good decision.
      With 70 days left, you don't have a lot of time so you'll have to greatly increase your study hours. Everyone studies at a different pace so the timing really isn't set in stone. Instead, divide your days according to the syllabus you intend to cover everyday, instead of fixed study hours. But, with 40 days for the syllabus, I think you'll have to pull some all nighters. Since you've studied for the MCAT once before, it won't take you as long as a newbie and the task is achievable in 40 days, just stay motivated and work hard throughout. Slacking isn't an option.
      To answer your second question, yes you should join the test session of KIPs. If you are unable to cover the syllabus when the test session starts, you can join a bit later instead of doing the whole month. But definitely do go for it for paper practice.
      MCQs from those test DON'T end up in the exam, in my experience. But that's not what the test session is about. It's about testing how much you know your syllabus. You can't expect the MCQs from the KIPs test to end up in the MCAT, obviously!

    9. Thanks for the quick reply! I'll make sure, i pull some all nighters and study hard! After all, my future depends on this. Thank you for your help!!

  33. ma'am i got 6A*s and 2A this equalls to 976 and my alevels grades are 2A* and an A are they enough?because these matric students are scoring alot more!

    1. That's a really good equivalence. You shouldn't be worried. Besides there's nothing you can do about it now. 990 is the maximum Alevels students can get anyway, so yeah, your marks are pretty good.
      I know the Matric/FSC students are scoring a lot this year but remember, 50% depends on the MCAT. Alot of people with 1000+ marks in their board equivalence end up with a bad score in MCAT and consequently, don't get into med school. So just focus on the MCAT now. The equivalence should be the least of your worries.

  34. Hey. Have to apply in a week. Hoping for SIMS inshaAllah but im confused about my next option. Should i choose sheikh zayed or fj after sims? Can you please quickly sum up your experience at fj and what you like about it? I'm a little put off by the fact it's all girls, so how has your experience been with regards to that?

    1. Why would you be put off by the fact it's all-girls? That's the best thing about ittt. We have freedom to do whatever crazy shit we want to and nobody is judging us. But yeah, the drawback of not having guys around is that we don't have very active societies, or alot of parties or extracirricular activities a lot. But i personally think that the university + hostel (if you're going to live in one) is so colorful and there's so much independance, you don't need the college to arrange the parties when you can party and hang out with your friends outside anytime you want.
      But apart from the extracurricular issue, it's like all medical colleges. You have tons of tests and the doctors roast you and make your life miserable in the begininning. You might hate it a lot in the first year or maybe even the second year but then you make good friends and eventually it grows on you. Now it's like my second home. I mean i feel comfortabe there like it's my area eventhoigh obviously not a lot of people know me.

      So yeah, FJ is a love-hate kinda thing. It's not paindu or lacks anything in the clinical side if thats what you think. There are all kinds of people. It's basically a stronghold for feminists and im not a feminist but it's basically like that.
      So yeah, please Aenn FJ khushboo laga k. Let's be best frands 😂

      Sheikh zayd on the other hand has guys obviously and less number of students but im pretty sure it's the same as any other medical college. It isn't that well known or estavlblished like FJ obviously
      but the plus point is that it is affiliated with PU. Fj USED to be affiliated with PU until it got cocky and made a university of its own that still isn't approved by the HEC. So yeah that's a plus point for SZBKMC.

      All in all, if you enjoy a lot of extracirriculars & the male company then FJ isnt the place for you. Otherwise, all gov medical colleges are practically the same.

      And congratulations on getting in btw!!

    2. Hahah thankyouu! And oh, about that. I owe you a big thankyouuuu for this blog! I'm an alevel student and I swear the blog was a life saver. Didn't even take tuitions (except a 2 week test sesh which i flunked miserably) my mcat score wasn't as good as i had hoped (not from a lack of prep but I lost my nerve and panicked) but Alhumdullilah was good enough for lahore. So a huge thankyou to you! Cause this blog was literally what i followed. Agar FJ mei aa gayi tou apki treat pakki ��
      And oh thankyou. Haha on one hand all girls would be funn because of the freedom, i was just a little unsure because I'm used to co-ed tou issi liye.
      Also i had another q. I heard that clinical experience at shiekh zayed isn't great. Like obv fj's is better but is shiekh zayed's bad?
      Thanks again!

    3. Hahaha i'm glad it helped!

      That's the opposite to what i felt waise. I was used to co-ed too and i just needed an all-girls olace because i was so done with the thick-headed male species (no offence to anyone) but yeah it will be different but more because for an A-level student to come into a government system is really a terrifying experience in the beginning. You'll grow over the all-girls system issue but you will always remember the top notch, modern facilities we had in A'levels and compare it to the sad, poorana system in gov medical colleges. It can be quite depressing especially the labs. But eventually you'll start enjoying it wherever you go when you make friends and stuff.

      I actually have no idea about the Shaikh Zayd clinical side. But it can't be that bad like private colleges. But yeah, obviously not as good as FJ. Our hospital is HUGE.

    4. Ohhhh. Hahahaha. That's another q I wanted to ask (sorry idk any other Alevel students in govt med). How hard is it to adjust? Like in KIPS the teachers were sort of biased against Alevel students, is that also an issue in med? And how are the students in general?
      Tysm! <3

    5. Well, first of all in a class of 300 students i bet there are only around 10 Alevels ones. Yes, an alarming ratio but that's how it is. In my own class, there are only 5 people who've done Alevels. Olevels, on the other hand is common but Alevels is rare so no one will likely be biased towards you. Infact, some doctors actually appreciated the Alevels one like in my first Biochemistry lecture, the Head of Department came and asked the Alevel students to stand up and tell us our grades. Then she appreciated that Alevels students have a better concept at stuff etc. So no, i've never seen anyone biased towards us.
      Although, the students might act differently. If you're a stuck up and arrogant and have a superiority complex like some Alevel students i know have, your classmates will lowkey hate you and most people have this impression that O/A level students are mean and cocky and have an attitude. Now that's not always true but it is true in some cases. So just remember to be humble and blend in with everyone because most people will be from other cities, possibly not very high profile. There's always a cool kid group too. I mean there's always all kinds of students. You just have to choose carefully who you want to hang out with because it's very likely the cool kid company is terrible for you.
      So yeah, you'll find someone your type InshaAllah. Baaki it's a bit of a challenge to adjust in the start especually the first viva. That's a nightmare. But then in a few months you'll be okay. Just needs a little time.

  35. Hahah no no I'm not like that. Cocky kids would be disliked everywhere tbh irregardless of their educational background.
    Yes I really hope I settle in inshaAllah
    And once again thankyou for taking out the time to answer my qs. Lotss of prayers for you! <3

  36. Assalam!!

    Miss Aliya, if you could spare me some of your time to consult with me an issue, I'd be very greatful!

    I have achieved 4A*s and 1A in O Levels (i'm an overseas student).
    And 2Cs and 1D in AS level (I messed up real bad in A1 due to certain horrible circumstances that non-preventably fell upon me :|)
    I had a wreck of an year.
    Anyways, you see, I am unable to resit my AS Level exams and am continuing with my A levels as it is.
    In your point of view, if i do manage to push my grades a bit further (into becoming BBC), do you think I'm going to be eligible enough to enter a good med uni on merit (with supposedly great aptitude test results)?
    I have somehow (sort of) calculated my equivalence (by following through another blog that directed on how to) and it seems that I'm achieving a grand total of 927/1100 in fsc.
    Have you had known or know anyone that has gone through the same as me BUT still were able to get into a good uni?
    Oh and as a side note, i will be applying for unis in karachi, so...there are a few handful of good med unis that I'm targeting for.
    If there really is anything you can advice me to do, I'd appreciate it.
    I'm kind of in a tight fit, yeah...so, i kinda need a bit of clear view about what i need to expect (regarding uni admissions and as such).
    You have a good insight about academics planning and prep and how to cope with them, so I couldn't help but consult with you my situation and seek for an authentic advice.

    I very much appreciate the hard work you've put into creating this tremendously helpful blog!
    Hoping to see some new entries!

    Thanks and Jazak Allah!

    1. Hi!
      First of all, sorry for the late reply. I recieved your comment and your contact form and I read it immediately when they were sent but I couldn't dinf the time to respond.

      Secondly, why can't you resit your A level again? Many people do to get a better equivalence. But if you want to stick with the B B C grades then i'll tell you straight up it's not going to be an easy feat. 927 aren't enough to get into a gov medical college in Punjab as this year the merit literally skyrocketed and many amazing students were left out. However, for Karachi or a private institute, that's something else. I am really not sure about the universities in Karachi at all. But private medical colleges practically take in anyone if you have the money.

      But since youre an overseas student, the merit might be lower or different for you as well as the fees. I really dont know the system for overseas students. What i do know is 927 marks arent enough for a college in Punjab anymore considering the 2016 merit.

      I'm sorry I can't help much but thats all i know. I still think considering Alevels retakes is not a bad idea.

    2. Ooo! Thanks loads for the quick reply!! :D

      Ummm... I cant resit the AS levels cause, well, its a decision of my parents and I really can't argue much about it. :( Half a year has already gone by and all I can do now is really just focus on A2 and entry test prep..

      However, I won't be applying for any uni in Punjab, cause i live in Karachi, and neither do I plan to target for private institutes (tho they're the last option I'm really not hoping for). So I'm hoping, as you say, karachi unis don't shoot their merits up too high :( I guess I'm gonna have to see what this year's merit was...hmmm..

      "But since youre an overseas student, the merit might be lower or different for you as well as the fees." Aaah well thats news to me.. I could look more into it by asking around.

      Thanks loads and Jazak Allah for taking out time to reply to me!

      (I'll be bothering you more again if i get tangled up about something!)


  37. Thank you for this blog! Got into my dream govt. College beacuse of it. Anyone reading this and planning on appearing for MCAT this year, i assure you this blog is the only thing you'll need! Along with tons of motivation ofcourse xD

    1. Thank you!! I'm glad you found it helpful!

  38. Hi maam can you please tell about the new 2017 syllabus and all becuz as u told in biology part lysosomes and perixosomes are not included but the new syllabus has them.can you please help me.

    1. Hi. I really don't have the time right now to go through the new syllabus. Please go through it yourself and if something has changed then do it according to the new syllabus.

  39. Hi! This has been super helpful thank you SO MUCH. I had 5 A*s and 3As in O levels and i'm waiting on my A level results for now. I've been told by school counselors that my O level grades wont be enough to get into a government medical college and i could have only gotten in if i had 8 A*s. Is that true? Im still stuck thinking about whether i should give a chance at MCAT. Do you think i have a shot? Thank you so much for your help!

    1. Not true. Your school counselors need a fact check. I didn't have all A*s in O'levels either. Definitely give MDCAT a chance; in fact, give it your all! If you have good grades (A/A*s) in A'levels and a good MDCAT score (990-ish), you have as much of a chance to get in a gov medical college as any one else.
      Don't listen to people who don't know how the system works.
      And don't waste time! You need to start studying MDCAT NOW!!!

  40. Hi,
    I have appeared in both Mathematics and Biology in my A Level.I am thinking of not giving NUST test as somebody told me that NUST admission has to be confirmed before MCAT is taken and so anybody who has medical has his first preference shall not appear for both NUST and MCAT in same year as this it is practically of no use. Kindly guide me in this respect as soon as possible as time for registration is passing.

    1. That's true. NUST admission has to be confirmed before the MCAT. If you get accepted, you have to pay the fees before MCAT. There's an option of reserving the seat with some money (30-40,000 Rps, maybe. I don't remember now).
      If you can afford to reserve the seat, go for both NUST and MDCAT. Even if you don't get into medical, you'll still have your seat reserved in NUST. And if you get into medical, you can leave the seat at NUST. It all depends if you can afford it.
      If, in case you can't, then I suggest that you should think about where YOU want to go. Do you like engineering more, or medical? Sure, medicine has a scope, but so does engineering. It really will come down to your preference.
      I know the decision can be incredibly confusing but hopefully, you'll arrive at an intelligent decision!

  41. Greetings,
    I recently gave my As exams and now I am in need of some guidance. The thing is that my first priority is AMC and in your blog you said that if one wants to appear in both NUMS Entry Test and MDCAT then one will have to work twice as hard. So what do u suggest? Should i start studying from Fsc part 1 books as of now? because then i will have have sufficient time next year and will not have to overwork myself. Please help the poor soul!

    1. I don't think I mentioned that in my blog at all. I said that if someone wants to give the MDCAT and the NUST Engineering test (forgot what it's called), then they have to work twice as hard.

      I really don't know how NUMS and AMC work; I never applied for them. But I'm pretty sure they're like MDCAT, only much more easier because getting into AMC is a lot easier than getting into a gov college through MDCAT.

      I suggest you should focus on your A'levels right now and think about the entry test after your CIEs next year. No point in ruining your Alevels performance. There's tons of time.

  42. Great article. Thanks for sharing such a nice information.
    Mcat Preparation In Lahore

  43. Okay so I got 7A*and an A in olevels and hoping for 3A* in Alevels that would give me a 985/1100 score , I don't know really mdcat is a wierd up and down ride sometimes my faith that I will get admission is okay other times it just falters bad , these Kip's tests are sooo depressing and out of syllabus stuff I stopped going there , plus loads of repeaters to aid to that depression ,then then even if I read course book the kets and pgc test books have something I never read before and just get a feeling I ain't going to score well at all I am halfway through the part 2 syllabus but will finish it before August 5 and start revision and will give the Kip's tests , also MCAT is now 7 days before so can't stop at all , what do you reckon I do the merit of 2016 was so damn high I really wanted to push for Aimc but literally unless k score like 1030 or something in MCAT I can't reach it , so could you tell me what should I do and how I should study like self or just do the tests and roll and waste 6 hours in Kip's , time is running so short and baji you could ask some junior in fjmu to run the page maybe , I know you're all busy right now ??

    1. Hi Ahmad Hassan,

      Your score is pretty good for O/A'levels. I don't think you should worry about that. Your focus should be on the MDCAT right now and you really don't have time to mope around and be depressed now. Now's the time to put in all your effort and not be pessimistic about it.

      I don't know why you find KIPS tests irrelevant. My experience with them was pretty great and they included everything that was in the syllabus. I don't know if you're missing something from the syllabus or if the KIPs tests have changed.

      But if you did KIPs tests before covering the syllabus, that's your fault. Joining the academy before completing the syllabus is a foolish, time-wasting move and I've said that multiple times in my blog posts. So if you were depressed because of that, there's no one to blame but yourself. Once you complete your syllabus by August 5 (which is a bit late btw), you should rejoin KIPs and see how you fare in the tests then. Hopefully, you'll score better then.

      I know the merit skyrocketed last year but I'm pretty sure UHS noticed that as well, which is why they made some major changes in the entry test this year, even renaming it. I have a feeling the test will be harder this year to bring the merit down. Anything above 990/1100 in the MDCAT is safe for now.

      As for your last question -- no. This is my personal blog and not something I can 'hand' over to a junior who might potentially ruin it. I don't trust anyone in that matter. Also, nobody is free to take care of MCAT blogs in medical school and frankly, nobody cares. First and Second Year students are much more busier than we, Third Year students, are anyway. If you don't find the posts helpful, you could always seek guidance elsewhere.


  44. Hey alya!
    I need some advice, I've covered the syllabus at home. I can now either continue revising the syllabus over and over again or I can join an academy for the crash test session. The problem with the tests at academies is that they are really out of syllabus so much so that I get depressed but when I do the past papers I make 2-3 mistakes per subject. What do I do? Please advise

    1. Test session. I'd recommend KIPs. They aren't out of syllabus. Revise the syllabus in the evening after you come back from the academy.
      Past papers are easy and they won't give you the full practice you'll need.